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Meditech Workstation Download Center

Ohio Valley General Hospital is now offering affiliated physician practices the technology to access the Hospital's information system (MEDITECH) via the Internet.

NEW Citrix Remote Access Documentation:


Instructions for setup and accessing our Citrix Remote Website:

Citrix Receiver Setup Documentation Download


If you log onto the Citrix Remote, Open Meditech, and find that it is requesting that you add a connection, please download and follow these instructions:

Citrix Meditech Connection Setup Documentation Download

Here is what you need:

Access to the Internet using your own Internet service provider (ISP), ideally via cable modem or DSL. Please note that in using Citrix Remote Access, your connection to Ohio Valley's information system will only be as fast as your connection speed. Dial-up Internet access is not preferable.



The OLD NetAccess Solution (support is ending soon):


The NetAccess software downloaded here at Webline. Simply click the download button and save to your computer desktop.


The NetAccess Installation Instructions downloaded here at Webline. Simply click the download button and save to your computer desktop.


Your NetAccess user name and password provided by the Ohio Valley NetAccess administrator. Click here to email your request for a user name and password to: Michael Jacobs, 412.777.6523,

The NetAccess x32 software  Download
The NetAccess x64 software Download
Meditech Workstation 4.25c Download

The NetAccess Installation Instructions Download

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Medical Staff Application Documents

Description: Description: C:\atemp\webline\images\getacro_mini.gif Physician Application
Description: Description: C:\atemp\webline\images\getacro_mini.gif Clinical Privileges Packet
Description: Description: C:\atemp\webline\images\getacro_mini.gif Staff Bylaws