Diabetes Day 2018

Save the date for next year! Our 10th annual Diabetes Day will be held on Spring Equinox; Tuesday, March 20th, 2018! Please RSVP for the event below!

About The Event

  • Free Health Screenings, including a free A1C test!
  • Cooking Demonstrations with free tastings
  • Lecture Panel featuring OVH’s new Endocrinologist
  • Educational sessions and lectures
  • Free samples and gift card raffles
  • Vendor booths with diabetes supplies and services
  • Free Parking!

*Speakers and topics are subject to change. Please check back for updates!


Click HERE to visit our Diabetes Day webpage to view all of the expected vendors and sponsors for this year’s event!

Sixth Annual Diabetes Day!

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OVGH’s 6th annual Diabetes Day has a lot to offer!

Speakers with Q&A Sessions:

9:15am-9:45am: “Diabetes Medication Management Q&A”
Tom Osella, Pharm.D, BCPS, MSBA; OVGH Director of Pharmacy

9:45am-10:45am: “Managing Diabetes:  The Next Step” an A1c Champion’s Story
Doreen Bugai, Sanofi Aventis A1c Champion Program

10:45am-11:15am: Current Orthotic Management of the Diabetic Foot in 2014
 Frank Erldejac, C.O.; Hanger Clinic, Hanger Inc.

11:30am-12:00pm:  “Ask the Physician”
Dr. Shema Ahmed, MD; Dr. Samina Naseer, MD

12:00am- 12:30pm:  “Addressing & Managing the Complications of Diabetes”
With a focus on ‘Diabetes & Depression’: Lisa Dalena, BSN

12:30pm-1:00pm:  “Healthy Cooking, Healthy Eating” Nutrition Session & Food Sampling
James Dixon, OVGH Nutrition Services Director
Rachel Kingsley MBA, RD, LDN, CDE; OVGH Outpt. Dietitian/Diabetes Educator

Interested in a Free Health Screening? We are offering the following:

□ Bone Density Scans     □ Foot Screenings

□ Blood Glucose             □ Blood Pressure

□ Height, Weight, BMI   □ Body Fat Analysis

□ Visual Acuity & Glaucoma Screenings – (provided by Sewickly Eye Group)

Brought to you by: OVGH Radiography and Nursing  Students and Pitt Dietetic Students

We will also be offering a $30 Health Check Blood Screening!

This has 33 tests in 1 blood draw, including: Glucose, A1c, & Lipid Panel.

Anyone interested in a Health Check Blood Screening must complete a separate registration & consent form. For more accurate results, a 12 hour fast is required; however, if you are only interested in your A1C results, these can be performed without fasting first. Results will be mailed to participants.

Not only will the event feature free food demos and tastings; you’ll also have the chance to claim raffle prizes, fruit and veggie baskets, and coupons.

Vendors include:

Diabetes Research Opportunities– CMU (Carnegie Mellon)

Diabetes Shoe Companies- Ponsi, Eagle Medical Equip.

Exercise/Physical Activity-Pittsburgh Kettlebells

Eye Care & Opthalmology-Sewickly Eye Group

Glucose Meters-Sanofi iBG*Star, One Touch (info @ Animas booth)

Home Health Services– Concordia Visiting Nurses

Independent Living-The Willows

Insulin Manufacturer– Sanofi-Aventis (Lantus, Apidra)

Insulin Pumps/Pump Products– Animas

Insurance-Gateway Health Plan Medicare Advantage-benefits for people w/ DM & other chronic diseases

Mental Health-OVGH Willow Brook

Orthotics and Prostetics– Hanger Inc.

Pharmacy– Med-Fast Pharmacy

Physicians – Dr. Ahmed, MD and Dr. Naseer, MD

Wound Care– OVGH Wound Care Center

Pharmacy-Express Med

For event info &/or to pre-register CALL 412-777-6205.

Pre-Registration saves you time @ the door!