Diabetes Day 2018

Save the date for next year! Our 10th annual Diabetes Day will be held on Spring Equinox; Tuesday, March 20th, 2018! Please RSVP for the event below!

About The Event

  • Free Health Screenings, including a free A1C test!
  • Cooking Demonstrations with free tastings
  • Lecture Panel featuring OVH’s new Endocrinologist
  • Educational sessions and lectures
  • Free samples and gift card raffles
  • Vendor booths with diabetes supplies and services
  • Free Parking!

*Speakers and topics are subject to change. Please check back for updates!


Click HERE to visit our Diabetes Day webpage to view all of the expected vendors and sponsors for this year’s event!

Celebrating Diabetes Day at Ohio Valley Hospital

Eight million: That’s the number of Americans currently living with undiagnosed diabetes. The number of people who are diagnosed? 21 million. That means if you were to ride a 747 aircraft, there would be around 40 diabetics on your flight. If you looked at the person to your right, there would be a 2 percent chance they were an undiagnosed diabetic.

If you looked at yourself instead, those chances would be the same.

When it comes to preventing any illness, awareness is key. That’s why Tuesday, March 24, is known nationwide as the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Alert Day. It’s a one-day “wake-up call” urging Americans to take a Diabetes Risk Test to see if they are at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes.

Ohio Valley Hospital is taking part in this Alert Day by hosting our 7th annual Diabetes Day. Please join us! From 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at our Josephine Rozetta Auditorium in the School of Nursing, we’ll be hosting 4 hours of diabetes-related events for the community. Throughout Diabetes Alert Day at OVH, you’ll see:

  • Vendors distributing diabetes supplies and information, such as glucose level log books, drinks formulated for diabetics (trust us, they taste great!), and diabetic shoes;
  • A diabetes-friendly cooking demonstration led by OVH’s Food Services Director, Jim Dixon – and yes, free samples will be distributed afterward!;
  • A series of lectures on issues related to diabetes, featuring OVH staff and other organizations;
  • Blood pressure, blood sugar, body fat analysis and bone density screenings; and,
  • A $30 Health Check Blood Screen that includes 39 different tests, including A1C.

The hemoglobin A1C test is a laboratory diagnostic service used to determine an individual’s average blood sugar levels over the last 2-3 months and their risk of diabetes. Please make sure to fast for 10-12 hours to make your blood screen results as accurate as possible. You do not need to fast for an accurate A1C reading. If you do not fast on that day, we can offer you a coupon for getting the blood screen done with the A1C test at one of our labs during normal office hours!

We’ll also be holding a raffle with prizes throughout the day!

And of course, OVH staff will be available to discuss all the great services for diabetics available at the hospital, including representatives from Pathways at The Willows, The Willow Brook Geropsychiatric Unit, and the Wound Care Center.

OVH’s Outpatient Dietitian and Diabetes Educator, Susan Zikos, RD, LDN, CDE, who has been our champion for our Diabetes Day this year, sees the event as a great opportunity for the community’s diabetics and non-diabetics alike to get real information about what it’s like to live with the disease. Specifically, she notes that treating diabetes now is much different than it was in decades past. Today, there’s a wide array of new products and therapies that the general public might not be familiar with.

“Especially with the older population, many see it as a death sentence,” she says. “It can be stressful for them to be diagnosed as diabetics themselves. But today, diabetics tend to be diagnosed much earlier than they were before, and can make changes to lessen the progression of diabetes.”

In 2015, living a healthy, comfortable lifestyle as a diabetic is much more attainable than it used to be. Zikos notes that one of the main goals of the event is to encourage lifestyle choices that promote good diabetic health: “We really just want to get people out there, exercising within their abilities, taking their medicines as directed, and eating properly.”

At OVH, Zikos offers outpatient nutrition and weight loss counseling to patients with diabetes and other conditions. She also runs a series of classes aimed at helping new diabetics understand their condition and a diabetes support group that meets throughout the year. Check out the full schedule of classes in her brochure.

For more information on these programs, please call (412) 777-6205.

Click here to learn more about American Diabetes Association Alert Day.