Application For Admission Form

The Ohio Valley Hospital School of Nursing requires you to complete an Application for Admission form to our program online or via the attached PDF. There is other paperwork required for your Application for Admission that you may print and mail in or else print, fill out, and upload along with your online Application submission.

We are no longer accepting applications for our Class of 2021, which starts August 2019.  We will begin accepting applications for the Class of 2022, which starts August 2020, in September.

Please read this page very carefully prior to applying. We also provide you with a copy of the instructions in case you want to print them out.

The following forms are attached and must be read and/or filled out (though you may fill out the Application online):

  • Application Instructions
  • Application for Admission
  • Statistical Disclosure Form
  • Evaluation Form
  • High School Transcript Request Form

Do not begin this online application until you have all of the necessary paperwork compiled for submission.

Process for the Application for Admission

You may also see the attached PDF of Application Instructions.

A. Complete the Application Form online or via PDF

1. Complete the Application for Admission form. Pay attention to what forms you must attach before submitting the application. You must also provide a copy of your license or school identification, as stated on the application.

2. Enclose the $50 non-refundable application processing fee, with a check and/or money order payable to: OVH School of Nursing. You may also pay online by using a credit card.

3. Read, sign and return the enclosed Disclosure form, which lists OVH School of Nursing’s statistical data on retention and NCLEX pass rates from previous years.

The Disclosure form can be found within the Application form or it can be printed off from this section.

B. Request Official Transcripts

1. The applicant is required to request official academic transcripts from high school, ALL colleges and/or secondary programs attended to be forwarded to the OVH School of Nursing. Only official transcripts will be accepted by OVH School of Nursing. They must come directly from your previous institution. They may not be opened by anyone other than our Admissions department. If you have any questions, please call the Admissions office at 412-777-6204.

2. If you obtained a GED, please request high school transcripts up to the point of withdrawal AND an official copy of GED test results to be forwarded to the OVH School of Nursing.

Please Note: An application will not be considered for admission until ALL prerequisite classes (Algebra, Chemistry w/ Lab and Biology w/ Lab) are satisfied either by completion of a solid “C” or better through high school, a NURSING ABC internet course, or your local community college.

C. Request Evaluations

1. You are required to send 3 (with at least 1 professional) evaluation forms, entitled “Evaluation of Applicant Performance and Potential” to persons who can objectively evaluate your character, performance and potential.

This may not include any relatives or significant others.

The Evaluation of Applicant Performance and Potential form can be found within the Application form or it can be printed off from this section.

D. Procedure for the ATI Pre-Entrance Examination

1. The applicant interested in attending the OVH School of Nursing must register and take the ATI pre-entrance exam.

2. A schedule of testing dates will be mailed after application material is received. However,  the Admissions Office may be contacted at 412-777-6204 for upcoming testing dates.

3. The examinations begin at 9 a.m. and lasts approximately 3 hours. Payment in the amount of $70 must be paid on the day of examination, with NO exceptions. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check and/or money order.

4. Test results will be provided within 48 hours of the official testing date either by contacting the Admissions office or accessing results through

E. Processing your Application

As soon as we receive your completed applicant material, with ALL supporting documentation and results from your ATI Pre-Entrance exam, your file will go to the next step in the process.

The Admissions Committee will review your academic records and vote on your acceptance. An official notification will be mailed advising you of the decision.

If you are filling out a paper application, please send your application, fee and signed OVH disclosure letter to:

The Ohio Valley Hospital School of Nursing

Admissions Department
25 Heckel Road
W. Laird Davis Center of Learning
Kennedy Township, PA 15136


If you have additional questions, please call 412-777-6204.

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