Course Descriptions

The Ohio Valley Hospital School of Radiography is proud to partner with La Roche University for our Radiologic Technologist Program. Students are able to enjoy a hands-on experience through clinical studies at our hospital campus, while having the opportunity to gain a true college experience through La Roche’s McCandless location. This partnership allows students to also complete their bachelor’s degree, if they wish. Twenty-six credits must be completed on Ohio Valley Hospital’s campus.

Ohio Valley Hospital School of Radiography Course Schedule

Semester Period Theory Courses Theory/Clinical Courses
Fall  I August to December

HSCU 2001

(Radiologic Technology I)

HSCU 2002

(Clinical Education I)

Spring I January to May

HSCU 2003

(Radiologic Technology II)

HSCU 2004

(Clinical Education II)

Summer I May to August

HSCU 2005

(Radiologic Technology III)

HSCU 2006

(Clinical Education III)

Fall II August to December

HSCU 2007

(Radiologic Technology IV)

HSCU 2008

(Clinical Education IV)

Spring II January to May

HSCU 2009

(Radiologic Technology V)

HSCU 2010

(Clinical Education V)

Summer II

May to June


HSCU 2011

(Radiologic Technology VI)


HSCU 2012

(Clinical Education VI)

 Summer II June to August

HSCU 2013

(Radiologic Technology VII)


Summary of Requirements

The following courses will be completed at The Ohio Valley Hospital School of Radiography campus over the course of 24 months.

For more information, please visit the La Roche Program Guide below.