Patient Safety

Patient Safety is very important to us at OVH. That’s why we’ve undertaken several technological initiatives in order to increase Patient Safety.

Bar Code Scanning

We use bar code technology to ensure the right medication with the right dosage amount is given to the right patient at the right time.

IV Smart Pumps

All of our pumps are a part of a computerized system that runs safety software alerting your nurse if the IV pump was incorrectly programmed.

CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry)

A system that allows physicians to enter medication (and other) orders directly into the computer, directly communicating with our Pharmacy, Nursing staff, and other clinical departments. This system prevents transcription errors and misinterpretation of handwriting.

24 Hour Order Entry

We have contracted with an off-site Pharmacy service who is “connected” to OVH through our computer system. When the regular OVH Pharmacy is closed, this system ensures that all orders for patient medication are reviewed by a Pharmacist and are sent electronically to special medication cabinets on the Nursing units that direct the nurse to the correct medication.

Quality Programs

Call 4 Care

OVH CallForCareLogoIf you require any services while at our Hospital, please feel free to utilize our Call 4 Care line. Just dial 4444 from any Hospital phone line, and someone will be there to help you right away, whether you require an extra blanket, or feel you have an issue that must be addressed immediately. Please see our brochure for more information.

Patient Room Service

When you stay at a hospital, you may require additional amenities, which we are eager to provide. We have a Volunteer who visits patients weekly, offering a brochure on our Patient Room Service.

If you are interested in utilizing Patient Room Service, please dial extension #6222 from your Hospital bed phone.

Our Community Services department offers the following for Patient Room Service:

OVH Gift Shop Food Service

You may order food items from our Gift Shop that will be delivered by one of our volunteers. Please note, certain patients may be restricted from certain foods.

OVH Gift Shop Food Service

Our Gift Shop also offers a variety of items for purchase: ranging from decorative to necessity, and even sporting apparel. You may request a volunteer “shopper” who will purchase items for you.

Visitor Service

Perhaps you would like someone to talk or play cards with! You may request a volunteer to come to your room to do so.

Beautician Service

(by appointment only)
Please call if you would like to hear more about, or want to set up an appointment to have a hair stylist come to your room.