Patient Guides

Inpatient Guide

Our goal at Ohio Valley Hospital is to make you as comfortable as possible while ensuring you receive quality medical care. Our Patient Guide will tell you several things, including everything you need to know for a stay at our Hospital; what to bring with you and what to leave at home. The guide will give you the policies and procedures we have put into place to assure your well-being and comfort while you are in the Hospital. Our guide is also beneficial to your family and visitors, as it highlights our visiting hours, amenities available to patients and their visitors, and our WI-FI connection.

Information Guide

Ohio Valley Hospital’s outpatient Information Guide provides even more information for those interested a wide variety of services. This guide lists all of the different departments, clinics, and centers that make up Ohio Valley Hospital. We’ve got you covered, from diabetic and nutrition counseling, to our $30 Healthcheck, a contact list for all of our major services, and details on our major community events.

Medical Staff Directory

Ohio Valley Hospital’s Medical Staff Directory provides a list of our specialties and physicians that provide care to our patients. This directory provides a variety of specialties, physicians, and locations.