Do You Need Our Help?

A typical patient for Willow Brook Geropsychiatric Unit is an older adult who may be experiencing significant losses such as the loss of love one, declining health, failing memory and reduced independence. These losses may lead to feeling depressed, anxious, sad and isolated. They can cause sleep disturbances, inability to cope or function, as well as, thoughts of wanting to die or harm themselves.

Examples of People We Help

these are only examples, and are not actual OVH patients*

  • Now aged 84, Frank, post-CVA with right–side neglect, lives in a personal care home. He ambulates with the aid of a walker. Frank is not eating and has lost 10 pounds. He is frequently tearful and is difficult to motivate to get out of bed, often stating that he wishes to die.
  • John, who is 63, has a history of chronic paranoid schizophrenia. He lives in a group home and sees his outpatient psychiatrist monthly. Within the past two weeks he has developed insomnia and is expressing new delusions about having cancer. John is paranoid about his roommate, and is having thought of hurting him.
  • Mary, at 55 suffers from hypertension, diabetes, and hypothyroidism. She is recently divorced with financial difficulties and has been experiencing panic attacks and thoughts of harming herself. She cannot guarantee her safety outside of the hospital.
  • Seventy-five–year–old Henry has Parkinson’s disease, for which he takes three anti-parkinson medications. He is experiencing visual hallucinations, confusion, and anxiety. He lives at home with his wife and normally attends an adult day program but worsening symptoms have limited his attendance and her ability to properly care for him.
  • Ruth, now 74, is in the early stages of presumed Alzheimer’s disease. She has started to pace and engage in hand-wringing, repeatedly asks to see her mother, and has become resistant to care. She spits out her medication and is wandering outside at night.
  • Julie, at 64, has a long history of Bipolar Disorder. She hasn’t slept or attended work over the last 4 days. She has rapid pressured speech, racing thoughts and has been making large purchases.