About Us

We provide both inpatient and outpatient physical therapy in Ohio Valley Hospital’s (OVH) Rehabilitation Services department. Our main goal is to help each patient return to their highest level of mobility and function as possible. We have dedicated staff of specially trained physical therapists that work with our patients on their rehabilitation needs.

Inpatient Physical Therapy

icon_inpatientRehabWhile you’re here with us at OVH, it’s important to stay active and mobile so that you can heal as quickly as possible, as well as to prevent weakness and deconditioning. Our staff will encourage you to move around and be out of bed as much as you’re able. This helps you maintain your strength and endurance while your medical condition is being treated. We work in conjunction with other medical professionals throughout the hospital to ensure you are getting the best care possible, as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Who We Treat

If you have an illness or injury that has significantly changed your ability to move around or take care of yourself, you may need physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy during your acute care hospital stay.

  • Goals of your therapy will be to identify functional deficits, to make recommendations for continued therapy after you leave OVH, and to develop a treatment plan while you are here.
  • Patients are typically seen on a daily basis (or as needed) while in the hospital for rehabilitation services.

Treatment Options

Patients must be referred by their physician to OVH Rehab Services when they are medically appropriate. OVH therapy care begins with a comprehensive evaluation and development of an individualized care plan.

Treatment Methods May Include

  • Functional mobility training (moving in bed, moving from bed to chair, walking, etc.)
  • Speech and swallowing instruction (Speech Therapy)
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Balance and Fall Prevention, safety for home management

Additional Services


The Orthopedic Unit at Ohio Valley Hospital is a state of the art nursing unit specifically designed to serve patients with joint replacements, spinal surgeries, fractures, and other orthopedic conditions. Patients can look forward to receiving physical and occupational therapy 1-2 times a day from experienced therapists with guidance of orthopedic surgeons.

Discharge Planning Options

One role of your physical therapist will be to make a discharge recommendation after you are seen for an initial evaluation. This recommendation will be updated as needed each time you are seen for rehab services.

Potential Discharge Options Include

  • Home (your or a caregiver’s home): home care or outpatient rehab services may be recommended if you need additional care once you are at home. You will need to be considered homebound in most cases to receive home care services.
  • Acute (Inpatient) Rehabilitation: this setting is beneficial for patients that need intensive therapy and medical care prior to returning home safely. Patients must be able to tolerate 3 hours of therapy a day.
  • Skilled nursing: skilled nursing facilities provide short term rehab and nursing care, at a slower pace that you are able to tolerate. This is not a nursing home placement.

Acute Rehabilitation and skilled nursing stays require authorization by your physician and insurance company prior to transport to that facility. Your therapist will be happy to answer any questions you have about your discharge recommendations. Our objective and purpose is to help you achieve your functional goals and to help determine the best place that will continue your progress toward those goals.

Outpatient Physical Therapy

icon_outpatientRehabAt OVH, we have experienced Physical Therapists and Neurologic Specialists with many years of experience with specialized training in orthopedics, muscular/skeletal disorders, vestibular, and fall prevention. You can make weekly appointments to visit us until you’ve improved your mobility.

What We Treat

  • Rehabilitation of muscle, joint, and movement impairments of spine and extremities
  • Post-op rehabilitation from orthopedic surgery of the spine and extremities
  • Musculoskeletal dysfunction and movement impairments of the spine and extremities
  • Work related injuries (for pre-employment screens/test, contact BusinessCare)
  • Neurological impairments
  • Vestibular rehabilitation in our Balance and Fall Prevention Center
  • VNG Testing (videonystagmography)
  • Osteoporosis, management and prevention


OVH can help you manage your osteoporosis. Our personalized programs will help you understand and strengthen your bones! Our team will evaluate you and design a personalized exercise program to improve your strength, build bone, improve posture, and help prevent injury. We will educate you about exercises and daily activities that increase your risk of fracture.

Treatment Options

1.Thorough neurological musculoskeletal exam, followed by development of individualized rehabilitation plan (only implemented by licensed staff)

2. Hands on one-to-one physical therapy

  • Manual Therapy: soft tissue mobilization, joint or spinal mobilization, and/or massage
  • Therapeutic exercise specific to movement impairment
  • Pilates for Rehabilitation for stabilization of spine and extremities
  • Specialized treatment and exercise for vestibular and balance conditions

3. Modalities for Pain Control and Healing

  • Electrical Stim
  • Cold Laser
  • Iontophoresis
  • Ultrasound

Office Hours

Monday-Thursday: 7:00a.m.-7:00p.m. (last appointment at 5:40p.m.)
Friday: 7:00a.m.-5:00p.m. (last appointment at 3:40p.m.)

Please be sure to schedule an appointment.


icon_pilatesPilates consist of a program of exercises that teach you to use your core muscles to improve movement patterns and posture. It increases body awareness and promotes movement with precision and control. With program design input from physical therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals, our instructors will help you improve your posture, endurance, core strength, lower back pain, and reduce the risk of future injury.


Location and Contact Us

We are located on the 2nd floor of the Main Hospital.

For more information on our Inpatient Physical Therapy, Outpatient Physical Therapy, or Pilates, please call us at 412-777-6231.

Most forms of insurance are accepted here.

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