Blue Distinction Center Plus Knee and Hip Replacement Program

ortho_01We offer a comprehensive program for knee and hip replacements, from preparing you for what’s to come in surgery, to the surgery itself, recovery, and when you’re back at home. Best of all, our program has the distinction of being a Blue Distinction Center+ for knee and hip replacements, meaning our staff and facility have been given top marks!

PrintYou’ll stay in our Orthopedic unit, which offers private rooms and a low patient-to-nurse ratio. We also have a new gym for physical and occupational therapy. All pre-surgery testing, from lab work to imaging, can be done here at Ohio Valley Hospital. For more information, call our Patient Care Navigator.

We accept most forms of insurance.

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Questions You May Have Regarding Surgery

Why Do I Need Knee Replacement Surgery?

There are 3 bony parts of the knee: the bottom of the femur (thigh bone), top of the tibia (shin bone) and patella (knee cap). You need surgery because your cartilage has deteriorated to a point where you have bone on bone contact in one or more of these areas and it hurts. A knee replacement surgery replaces the “bad” arthritic parts of the bones. The new parts “resurface” the joint and are designed to restore normal alignment and motion.

What Is A Total Knee Replacement Surgery?

It is the removal of the damaged cartilage and bone to position the new metal and plastic joint surfaces to restore alignment and function of your knee.

Why Do I Need Hip Replacement Surgery?

In a total hip replacement surgery, the cartilage has deteriorated on the round head (ball) of the femur and the acetabulum (cup or socket of the pelvis), causing bone on bone rubbing and pain. Your Surgeon will discuss which materials they are going to use to replace this ball and socket joint to get you back to nearly normal function.

What Is A Total Hip Replacement Surgery?

An incision is made on the side of your thigh. Then, an implant is inserted into your femur.

What are the Benefits to Having a Knee or Hip Replacement?

  • Reduced pain in your knee or hip
  • A greater ability to move
  • The potential ability to return to your normal activities
  • You should be able to sleep with little to no pain
  • Your overall quality of life should improve

We discuss more about the benefits and potential risks of having a Knee or Hip Replacement in our Ohio Valley Hospital Orthopedic Class for those about to undergo surgery.

Location and Contact Us

Our state-of-the-art Orthopedic Unit is located on our 5th floor of our Hospital. You may access the 5th floor by the elevators closest to our Cafeteria. For more information on this unit, please take a look at our Orthopedic Unit page.

If you have questions, please contact us at 412-777-6177.