About Us

bFit_02Ohio Valley Hospital’s (OVH) Occupational Medicine program, BusinessFit, is devoted to helping businesses improve productivity through better prevention and management of work-related injuries. Our physicians are board certified in Occupational Medicine and can perform many services on site.

We provide services such as primary injury care, wellness education, drug testing and screening, physical therapy, and physical examinations.

The goals of BusinessFit are:

  1. Keeping your employees healthy!
  2. When injured, getting them back to work as quickly as possible!

Our priorities are to give your employees the finest care, and arm them with the knowledge of how to stay away from on-the-job accidents – all while helping your business stay profitable. BusinessFit services can help you avoid the hassle, disruptions, and expenses associated with an unproductive workplace. It’s truly a perfect fit for companies of any size.

Our department also work with our Occupational Therapy department If you would like more information on that program, please visit:

Occupational Therapy

If you’re an Employee looking for testing and vaccines available in addition to services provided by BusinessFit, please visit our Community Health page:

Community Health

Location and Contact Us

We are located in the Hospital’s Medical Office Building on the 2nd floor in Suite 210. Our building is located right next to the Main Hospital.

To access our office in the Medical Office Building, you may take the elevator located at either end of the 1st floor up to the 2nd floor of the Main Hospital. You walk through Outpatient Registration into the Medical Office Building corridor. We are located on the 2nd floor.

You may also take the elevator located in the lobby of the Medical Office Building up to the 2nd floor; we are located to the right off of that elevator.

If you would like more information about OVH’s BusinessFit Occupational Medicine Program, please contact us at 412-777-6369.

You may also check out our brochure.